Academic Program

St. Mary's School has a school-designed curriculum that covers Pre-PP through 12th grade.

Education of excellence

The curricular design by grade is in charge of the faculty and is evaluated and modified according to the following guidelines in a balanced way:

  • Professional Standards of the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (DE-ELA)
  • Standards and Expectations by Subject (DE-ELA)
  • St. Mary's School Guidelines
  • Innovations and trends by subject
  • Updated text content and references adapted
  • Learn Aid and CEEB results
All curriculum is reviewed periodically to promote sequencing and comprehensiveness across all levels. Specific curriculum, skill and content objectives define desired student performance.

Guaranteed multidisciplinary approach

  • Curricular sequence and scope

  • Bilingual education

  • Provision of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular experiences for knowledge acquisition, skills development and values clarification.

Innovative curricular

  • 75 minutes (approx.) of daily instruction time in English and Spanish at the Pre-school level.
  • 60 minutes (approx.) of instructional time in all core subjects at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Bilingual teaching in Mathematics from Pre-Pre

Advanced Courses


Instruccional Program

The instructional program provides for the inclusion of technology as a tool for students, teachers and parents in the teaching-learning process. In this way, students' experiences and learning are enhanced. This includes a variety of strategies and activities that encourage students to acquire a well-rounded education and, in turn, promote critical thinking skills.