St. Mary's School was launched in August 1987 to offer a new alternative for excellence in education.


of commitment to academic excellence

Our school was created out of the desire to offer parents an institution in which they could delegate the formation of their children, confident in a relevant, innovative and high quality education, in a safe environment and promoting effective learning in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective spheres.

The founders, Dr. Enid Inserni and Dr. Minerva Laureano, after serving as teachers of teachers and supervisors of principals at the university level, began a process of serious and profound analysis, which culminated in the creation of the educational proposal of a specialized school for children between the ages of two and five years old. The reception and support for this initiative, the initial achievements, the geographic location, the positive comparability with other schools in the area, and the demand itself, laid the foundations early in its history for St. Mary's School to continue with plans and actions for development and growth

Contributing to the process were decisions to offer progressive levels and grades in line with institutional capacity, an ongoing commitment to a relevant curriculum, a bilingual approach, quality services, recruitment of qualified faculty and staff, and awareness of educational trends and innovations.

Subsequently, the institution evolved from its pre-school groups to the higher level, and has been successful in doing so. In the year 2000, its first 12th grade class graduated, and currently, the school enjoys a place, prestige and recognition in the field of education in general and private education in particular.

Our founders

Minerva Laureano, MD

She began her professional career as an elementary school teacher after completing her Bachelor's degree. Upon completing graduate studies, she worked as a university professor in the Ana G. Méndez educational system, where she was also director of the Department of Education and supervisor of teaching practice

Enid Inserni, MD

She began her professional career performing as a university professor, teaching courses in Educational Psychology, Special Education and General Education at Sacred Heart University and Metropolitan University.